The search is on

Perhaps it’s a season of “searching for something that works in schools” that has spilled over from the disastrous Common Core State Standards rollout, but educators are floating all kinds of ideas.

Some schools are testing standing desks.

At least one governor has proposed longer school days.

Other schools have eliminated recess, while others are filling classrooms with exercise bikes so students can exercise while they read.

The unanswered question remains: What will help kids learn?

The ultimate edible

Have you sampled the Frozen Yogurt that comes in an edible skin?

Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls come in an edible skin, flavored like the fruit yogurt: peach, banana, coconut or strawberry.

I don’t know if the environmentally friendly packaging will replace plastic cups, but it would make a buzz-worthy holiday dessert.

Online stranger danger and more

The research summary from last week wasn’t surprising:

Parents are more concerned about their children’s use of social media than any other online activity.

That was the conclusion of research conducted for the non-profit Family Online Safety Institute. (Link below.) A significant three-quarters of parents worry about inappropriate content; 69% worry about their child communicating with a stranger.

Using parental controls that prevent certain content and suspending in-app purchases are common ways that parents buy peace of mind.

Calling the shot

November is the “last chance” month for unvaccinated students in most states to get required vaccinations.

Many school districts offered free vaccinations at back-to-school events earlier this fall. Stricter enforcement of policies has noticeably reduced the number of non-compliant students who are barred from attending school until receiving the vaccinations or applying for waivers.

Take a bite of Disney

Costumes from Frozen (especially Elsa) ranked high at Halloween; now, it’s time for Disney to move to the season of holiday baking.

Disney starting branding fruits and veggies more than 4.1 billion servings ago (really!) Now, they are branding bags of apples with characters from either Frozen or Spider-Man….in your neighborhood produce section.

Kicking out recess

This fall, the pressure to raise academic test performance has resulted in some schools cancelling recess.

But will more time in school mean higher scores? I’m not convinced.

And whatever happened to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign? Has the effort to get kids moving and decrease childhood obesity completely faded away?

Catch a “walking bus”

The designated “Walk to School Day” was a month ago, but a healthy number of kids and parents who participated in walking pools for that single day have embraced the concept.

Basically, a “walking school bus” is an organized effort among neighborhood parents who band together to take turns safely supervising the daily walk to a local school.

Because shrinking school finances have cut bus service in many communities this fall, the walk pool is a great idea which should only grow.

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