A second language

In this new school year, look for coding, which has been called the language of the future, to pop up as an extra curricular class at high schools.

Power up!

What started as the “passback phenomena,” when a parent handed a phone to an unhappy child in the back seat, grew into a tangle of power cords as families traveled this summer.

Now that minivans offer enough window seats and cup holders for most families, vacation-weary parents suggest car designers provide easier ways for kids to recharge their tech toys….trailing a bungee cord to the back seat simply doesn’t work.


As schools look for ways to save money, how many districts will adopt the BYOD (Bring your own device) policy for students this fall?

Digital poison ivy

Reports have indicated a possible new cause for allergic contact dermatitis: nickel on table devices.

Looks like companies will either sell more protective cases or let parents know their device doesn’t use nickel and isn’t the cause of Johnny’s rash.

Seventy too many

More than 70 school shootings have occurred since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Newton, Connecticut.

The recent summer months have been prime time for schools to upgrade video surveillance, review lockdown procedures, clarify notification policies and add hardware so classroom doors can be locked from the inside.

As the school year begins, we can pray these initiatives will not be needed.

More than pizza

Cinnamon sticks at Domino’s.
Pizza-shaped apple pies at Papa John’s.
Now chocolate chip cookies (almost as big as pizza) at Pizza Hut.

This is the latest pizza chain to add dessert.

Cut into eight, pie-shaped slices, the giant cookies are intended to be shared – a good thing, if you look at the nutritional info. Michelle Obama would flip.


Superheroes aging up

Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, and other Marvel superheroes have always generated significant licensing dollars for toys and children’s clothes.

But now, adults are wearing Thor and Hulk tees, too.

And Barbie?

There’s no avoiding the pink plague as a new line of clothing and accessories target juniors, just in time for the First Day of School.

Who said teens were too old for Barbie?