A month has gone by since the research firm,  Intersperience, released results of data collected in the UK.  (Click link below)  To conduct the study, more than 1,000 people up to age 65 were asked to go without tech for a single day. The results of this “information deprivation” echoed findings revealed earlier this year by the University of Maryland.

Intersperience reported that a majority of Brits felt “upset” without an internet connection; 40% felt lonely.  We didn’t need the researchers to document  digital withdrawal has become  a mental health issue.

Yet I’ve been chided by co-workers when I go e-free when traveling on speaking engagements.   I do this to allow total focus on my presentations. With up to 70 flights annually I’m off email for days at a time…but it’s also true I savor the sense of freedom (until I face the jammed inbox upon returning to the office.)



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