And now from Toy Fair…

When I return from attending Toy Fair each year, people always ask, “What will be the must-have toy this Christmas?”  Even though it’s only February, that’s a legitimate question, as the big toy companies reveal their new products at the New York City show.  Here’s what I came away with:

Glitter, glitter everywhere. I was almost buried in glitter.

Those oh-so-cute Hexbugs have some new friends.

Mattel’s “apptivity” concept, which we first saw last Christmas when the Hot Wheels car used aniPad as a race track, is a winner, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.  App-play, which links a toy with a tablet, will be an exploding product category.

Books and blocks go together, at least that’s what the Duplo folks are hoping with their new release.

Fragrances are integrated into all kinds of playthings from tattoos to bubbles and pencils.  I was surprised, as there’s such heightened sensitivity to kid allergies.

Watch for more take-aways in future posts…


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