Yet another tragedy.

After the early Friday morning shooting in Colorado, once again we face tough questions from kids, while we personally cope with the senseless violence.

As always, we begin by finding out what children know/have heard about the event, because we start where our kids are.  Against that backdrop, we share facts that are developmentally appropriate.  Then we wrap our children in our arms and list the many ways we keep them safe, emphasizing that many, many people safely exited the theater in Aurora early Friday morning.

Some commentators have hinted that we are suffering from tragedy burnout, and we should simply move forward until the next time.  However, children are at a different point in their development today than they were at the Giffords shooting in Tucson or the Virginia Tech massacre, or when any other horrific events occurred.  We need to meet children  where they are right now.

Of course, we won’t answer all the questions today or for a very long time, but healing starts when parents and children connect…


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