Our hearts are broken

Once again, our sense of security has been shattered.  But as a result of the shooting in Connecticut, this time our collective hearts have been broken.

Violent situations have made headlines so frequently, we now know how to help children cope.  But even though there are so many good sources of information readily available, perhaps these points bear repeating, yet again:

1.  Ask your children, “What have you heard?”  This initial question immediately allows you to respond at your child’s own level of information/misinformation.

2.  Be truthful, responding with age appropriate answers that respect your child’s personality and level of comprehension.

3.  Avoid TMI (too much information.)  Turn off screens:  children who see repeated reports of the violence may think the scenario is happening again and again.

4.  Be alert to changes in your child’s behavior, especially sleep patterns.

5.  Remember that even young children read emotions:  they will get their clues of how to respond from what they see you saying and doing.

6. Follow normal routines.  Children get a great deal of security for normalcy.

7.  Remember Sandy Hook families in your prayers.


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