A surprising turnaround

I was shocked to read that Dr. Dmitri Christakis of the University of Washington, who has historically been a strong voice against “screen time before the age of two,” is re-thinking his position.

Speaking in a commentary in JAMA Pediatrics, Christakis concluded that “while many of you wait for us to build an evidence base before this technology too is supplanted by some new one, I believe that judicious use of interactive media is acceptable for children younger than the age of 2 years.”

That is already happening, of course. But what threw me is that we don’t have data to change the guideline for “no screen time before two.”

Here’s my concern:

If a two-year old is playing on the iPad, will he spend less time building with blocks? drawing with chalk on the sidewalk?

Time for the app play has to come from somewhere, so I wonder, what will he lose to add the tech?


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