Beyond trend spotting

Regular readers of this blog are sometimes surprised that I identify trends before they hit mainstream culture. I’ve been asked repeatedly, “How do you do that?”

There are many trend spotters looking around, but I always go deep. Even when “mentally cruising” news reports and press releases, or even in New York City at Toy Fair later this week, I target products or ideas that have implications or applications for children, parents or the family. That means I don’t chase rabbit tails: look under the surface for what matters to you.

I continually survey what’s happening on the front lines of the family. I read voraciously. I observe interactions. I study findings by professionals, family and education activists, publishers and children’s product companies.

I continually ask, “Is there an implication or application here for a child, educator, parent or family?”

When the answer is, “Yes,” you’ll read it here.


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