What’s trending in schools

How will these three trends I’ve observed in elite private schools be reflected this fall in your child’s school?

strong service opportunities for students and community engagement
that connect academics with real life application

personalized and more specialized educational experiences for all students, not merely those in gifted or remedial tracks

creative expression and play-based learning, a welcome shift from rote memorization and test prep


One response to “What’s trending in schools

  1. I feel that rote memorization gets a bad rap. My kids LOVE memorizing poems and such. It’s a fun challenge for them. Several of them also haven’t been comfortable with creative expression until they are a bit older. Me, too. So, I guess I don’t think creative expression needs to be a welcome shift. . . there’s room for both.

    When I was in elementary and in the gifted program, my mother thought it was wonderful, but she wondered why learning couldn’t be fun for all kids.

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