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Tech teachers?

Is Alexa the best no-screen alternative for kids?

Whether it’s Echo, Google Home or something else, educators warn parents, “Don’t depend on technology to teach your child to talk.”

Even though smart speakers are interactive, only people can maximize opportunities for a child’s language growth.


Baby-sized self care

Baby products are riding the natural wave. Need proof?

Just look at the shrinking list of ingredients on infant care products.

Moms are so accustomed to looking for names of recognizable ingredients are their products, they are following the same mental map when choosing infant care products.

Baby friendly birthing

Whether a mom delivers in a hospital suite or birthing center, WiFi, gourmet food and in-suite tubs have moved onto the must-have list.

Healthcare facilities competing for business are finally learning that these expectations and amenities can dramatically impact customer satisfaction scores and online chatter.

More than baby talk

Communication devices are the growing edge for expectant parents.

Although in later years technology might tend to divide families, before birth, pre-birth baby talk is the focus. Beginning with apps that allow moms to track and manage fertility to smartphone accessories that count fetal kicks, tech companies have discovered a hungry audience.

Parents-to-be, who grew up with digital tech, are welcoming these increasingly innovative gadgets.

One implication is clear: the cost of attending a baby shower just went up.

False positive?

High tech baby monitors are advertising as offering “peace of mind,” but for some parents, constant monitoring and falsse positives trigger worry.

Because the newest devices (wireless electronics in socks or onesies, motion sensors and light-shining pulse probes that measure blood-oxygen levels, etc.) aren’t defined as medical equipment, their accuracy and effectiveness is not regulated.

Before buying any vital signs monitor, get a recommendation from your pediatrician.

Tech savvy=Smart?

Tech gives kids a head start. At least according to a recent study, that’s common thinking among parents.

And it is pretty amazing to see an 18 month old swish across a tablet or respond to the dancing images.

Researchers say 2 out of 3 preschoolers have access to a tablet, but parents don’t have an automatic love affair with tech. They worry about exposure to inappropriate content.

That’s a preventable problem. It simply won’t happen when the tablet is only used with mom or dad.

As an early childhood educator, I still need to ask, “What would a young children be doing if he wasn’t playing on a tablet? Would he be learning to ride a bike? drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk? setting the table for supper?

MLB Diapers

You read the title correctly: Major League Baseball has team- branded diapers.

Infants and toddlers can now showcase their baseball fandom for the Red Sox, Cubs, Cards, Yankees, Dodgers and Giants.

Now exclusively available at Target, the fashion-forward diapers will have wider distribution after May 1.