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Santa still rules

Artificial intelligence, robots and the latest tech gadgets haven’t replaced one holiday icon.

According to research, 85% of six-year olds still believe in Santa. Belief in the magical man ends about the age of eight, which has been true for years.

Frosted pink lipstick and a deep tan

Did you hear that Barbie – yes the doll – is making a splash in the world of fashion?

At a recent show, models showcased Barbie-themed styles and accessories, topped with bleached wigs. I get the whole nostalgia theme, but isn’t this a bit extreme?

I wonder what Mattel’s Barbie exhibit will look like at Toy Fair in New York City next week.

Happy birthday!

The Royal Mint is creating a limited edition coin for His Royal Cuteness, also known as Prince George. Tomorrow is George’s first birthday.

The silver coin is the “nation’s gift” to the royal baby.

Royal Baby Bash

If your baby was born last year in August, September, October, November or December, you could win a fabulous first birthday party from Fisher-Price, thanks to little Prince George (Kate and William’s son.)

Details are worth checking out:

Frozen out

There were some disappointed kiddos last weekend, when Easter baskets didn’t include toys or t-shirts from Disney’s animated hit, Frozen. Everything “Frozen” that would fit into a basket – and even beach towels that wouldn’t – was sold out.

If you think a summer trip to Disney World will make kids forget about Easter disappointments, well…evidently you can’t use Fast Passes to meet Anna or Elsa and the current wait time is more than 100 minutes.

The big red….you know who

For the past several months, our three-year old grandson has repeatedly asked, “When’s my birthday?”  Our little Nate isn’t the only one who dreams ahead.

Today, Scholastic kicks off a 50th birthday celebration for Clifford the Big Red Dog.  The Dog’s official birthday is on Valentine’s Day, but the pre-party begins today with a webcast of a live event from New York City sent to classrooms everywhere.  So you’ll know why your child comes home today wearing a birthday hat….

Participate in the online birthday card campaign and other activities at the site:

Baby-wearing Bjorns

From all the baby-wearing dads and moms I’ve seen this summer, many parents would applaud the recent award given to Bjorn Jakobson.

Last month, the founder of Babybjorn received The King’s Medal for “significant contributions to Swedish industry.”  The 77-year-old company founder attended the ceremony with his wife, Lillemore Jakobson, head designer.