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Worth tuning in

This coming Sunday night, Feb. 26, Nickelodeon will debut Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.  The 30 minute special, My Big Fat Failure, features celebrities and “real kids” telling how they survived failures.


National Princess Week

“Princess” was the top-ranked children’s costume, according to polls on Halloween weekend.  But if you didn’t see enough tiaras in October, just wait:  Target and Disney are teaming up to create the first national Princess Week.  The  April 22 kick-off will be anchored by Julie Andrews.  This date just happens(!) to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the movie, The Princess Diaries, in which she appeared.

You smell good!

Hours from now, many of us will savor the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, one of the nostalgia-tinged delights of the holiday season.  But the next weeks will bring more than sweet scents from the kitchen.

Prestige fragrances will be tucked into holiday stockings,  especially for those hard-to-buy tweens and teens.  Justin Bieber’s “Someday” has joined the prestige fragrance line-up which includes products by Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, Britney Spears and Beyonce.

Checking the facts:  27% of high school and college students have purchased a celeb fragrance, a statistic sure to grow.

NPR Plus

Even though Michele Norris has stepped back from co-hosting the radio program, All Things Considered, until after the 2012 Presidential Campaign, she’s left behind a great idea: NPR’s Back-Seat Book Club.

Targeted to middle grade and junior high readers 9-14 years old, Norris was quoted as saying, “I wanted to do something special for our passive listeners, the so-called ‘prisoners of NPR’ who are listening because their parents listen…I wanted it to be interactive so that kids can develop a relationship with the authors they love.”

Hope you tune into this great idea!

Magical mail

The wizards of Harry Potter’s world will soon appear on stamps in Great Britain.

I’m not convinced that Dumbledore on a stamp will be enough to entice teens to switch from their beloved texting to snail mail.

To see the gallery of new stamps in this category from the Royal Mail click:

The runway at school

I was certain that the dragging shadow of the recession had put an end to the “luxe kids” movement, in which children of status-conscious parents are dressed in Gucci and Burberry.

But the influence of today’s celebrity culture and the desire for parents to showcase children as a reflection of their personal taste has turned some school hallways into fashion runways. 

I suppose we should be happy that parents feel the economy is secure enough to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of fur-lined infant boots, but am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

Baby talk

Baby talk is the rage as celebrities show off their bumps and babies appear as cover models.  We coo, “Aren’t they cute?” 

But a piece in yesterday’s The Washington Post should nudge us to move beyond the level of cute, questions about “Who’s the dad?” and really think about the morality reflected in a culture that excuses the act that begets a “love child.”