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Fun and games

Playing together contributes to positive family life.

Researchers have documented that a family who plays is happier, feels more in touch with each other and is less stressed than those who don’t spend down-time together.

Perhaps this holiday weekend will offer opportunities for the fun and games that can raise the happiness quota for everyone.


Growing up in uncertain times

Standing up to uncertainty increases a sense of resilience.

Historically, that’s been true, so it will be interesting to see if today’s kids learn coping mechanisms that strengthen their character.

We know that watching YouTube and playing video games are popular stress reducers. But humor and music (either listening or dancing!) are increasing as kid coping mechanisms.

Growing up with Alexa

How would you describe your child’s relationship with Alexa?

That will be a key question as today’s children are the first to grow up with artificial intelligence (AI). Whether it’s Siri, Alexa or others, educators are beginning to gather data on how AI is impacting infant language development and patterns, plus relationships with personified technology and humans. Heavy stuff.

The future has arrived.

Birth of a new toy catalog

Kids who spent hours pouring over the annual Toys’R Us Big Book will soon have a new visual wish list.

Amazon is gearing up to print a holiday catalog to fill the gap. Look for the toy catalog at the end of this month in Whole Foods (conveniently owned by Amazon.)

Ten days and counting

Nickelodeon’s 15th annual Worldwide Day of Play is scheduled for Saturday, September 29.

As usual, the kidcaster will suspend programming from noon to 3 pm (EST) to encourage health and wellness through play.

Play at the library

Trending at libraries this fall: a closer tie between play and literacy.

During the past few years, libraries have become re-imagined digital centers, but a new emphasis is to intentionally grow readers from the bottom up.

As fall schedules gear up, look for storytimes geared to 18-36 month olds. Activities will probably include puppets, flannel board, finger plays and more.

VR theme park

The 2018 vacation season is over, but if your family likes theme parks, you might want to plan a trip to China next summer.

The first theme park in the world to use virtual reality on all 35 rides opened recently in Guizhou, China.

And when you’re done with the spaceship tours and virtual roller coasters, your kids would love a stop at one of China’s thousands of VR cafes to play a video games.