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Kidult playgrounds?

This spring, I’ve seen more parents sliding and climbing at playgrounds than ever before.

Some of that is due to dads who really enjoy fatherhood and want everyone to know it, which is fine.

But there’s true delight on the faces of parents as they squeeze through slide tunnels and pump sky-high on swings.

I’m convinced some moms and dads are trying to recapture the fun of childhood.


Let’s play

Research shows the average preschooler laughs about 300 times each day; adults laugh 12-17 times daily.

Those sad statistics, alone, offer an excuse to build play into our day.

Although fidgets never caught on as executive desk toys, we can thank our kids for giving us excuses to play. Any parent who asks their child, “Can I play, too?” will be welcomed with a smile.

Gender differences?

Do dads set more limits for their sons than daughters? Are dads more emotionally sensitive to their daughters?

Researchers will ask these and other questions related to dads and their children’s gender as the daily interactions of dads increase.

Perhaps we’ll finally have data to support or refute the assumptions that dads rough house more often with their sons and sing good night songs more often to their daughters.

An End to Helicoptering?

Exposure to technology isn’t merely making kids smarter.

New research says tech nudges children toward independence. Becoming self-sufficient with gadgets is a step in the right direction.

Because we live in uncertain times, parents are also encouraging their children to learn through life experiences. Some parents still hover, but an increasing number believe experiences should include exposure to controlled risk taking.

Could that signal an end to helicopter parenting?

The IoT comes home

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to a home near yours. Perhaps your home.

In their continuing search for efficiency, moms and dads are becoming some of the earliest adopters of smart technology. And once the newest tech gadget is applauded on a mom network, those good words spread quickly on social media.

Time is currency, and no one knows that better than busy parents.


We’ve moved into the second-biggest retail season of the year: back to school. (BTS)

The two key factors in purchase decisions are students’ desire to look “cool” and discounts.

What started last year has really geared up now: location-based messages so deals pop up when you’re in the store – sometimes in a specific section of the store – in real-time.

Saving money is a big deal considering the average household spends more than $600 on back to school. But don’t let dad shop: he’ll spend 37% more than mom.

Unlocking parenting mysteries

Next-gen dads continue to surprise and delight.

Recent data indicates that more millennial dads than moms watch parenting videos on YouTube.

Of course, online is only one and many sources of information for multi-platform millennials, but it’s still a positive that moms and dads want to learn how to effectively parent.