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Seeing through the glass

Around the world, transparent drinks have become the newest “must have” beverage.

As I write this, Starbucks hasn’t started to offer clear coffee, but coffee-stained teeth might become a problem of the past if this trend catches on.

Overseas, Coke has launched a transparent variety, minus the caramel which colors the drink.

I can’t help but wonder how soon kids will be packing school lunches with drinks that are as clear as day.


Fast-rising fakes

“Authentic” and “real” have driven marketers trying to reach millennial parents, but change is coming.

The word “fake” might attract the next generation of parents.

Fake meat, which uses plant alternatives that look and taste like meat, is growing in popularity among young adults.

Will new moms and dads serve children vegan burgers that sizzle (like meat) on the grill? Serve sushi made from tomatoes?

When preschooler’s play food assortments offer “plant-based alternatives,” we’ll know the shift is real.

“My plate” revisited

Remember when the government updated the food pyramid and gave us “My Plate?”

The color-coded plate was divided into fruit, grains, protein and veggies, with the dairy cup to the side.

We’re shopping so smart, we’ve created our own pyramid, based on fresh, clean and nutrient dense, all wrapped in quality.

The government doesn’t need another “Plate” update. We’ve already created it for our families.

The shift to snack

Did your kids snack through the summer?

Adjusting to an established lunch time is one of the toughest transitions as kids head back to school after months of snacking “whenever” and “wherever.”

All-day snacking is becoming more accepted in classrooms, although health professionals are concerned that aimless snacking can be an obstacle to weight control.

Grazing adjustments

Making mealtime adjustments impacts students returning to school.

Grazing reigns during summer, when snacks are always available. The school schedule doesn’t accommodate that.

Although many schools allow water bottles and some allow snacking, back to school means purposeful morning eating to power through til noon and protein dense lunches.

Savory sweetness

Savory frozen confections continue to surprise (and delight?) this summer.

Flavors range from smoked salmon to maple candy bacon ice cream, but pizza-flavored might be the kid favorite. Children aren’t typically adventurous with food, but that hasn’t been true with ice cream.

I still prefer pepperoni, basil, oregano and garlic on a plate, not in a cone.

Road food

When traveling with our children during summer vacations, we looked for food courts. We knew even picky kids could find at least one food to eat.

But if the “experification” trend continues, food courts will have even more appeal if they become culinary mini theme parks.

Outside the U.S. shopping center food courts have added workshops and centers for making pasta, fruit and vegetable creations and spectacular desserts. Sounds like a perfect way to break up a long car trip.