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Waste not?

Do you dread tossing away leftovers that your kids won’t eat?

An entire new industry is creating food and beverages from unused or leftover food.

Many farmers markets now set aside a section for veggies that would typically be considered too ugly, too big or too small to sell. But some in the food industry are going beyond that to create products from ingredients that are rescued or discarded.

Sounds like sustainability might find a place at the dinner table.


School lunch transformation

If resolutions have included an upgrade of the brown bag you pack for school, ask your child what classmates bring to eat.

In a single school cafeteria, it’s now common to see kids eating vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan meals. The Junior Chef generation, that has grown up watching You Tube cooking videos, is bringing food experimentation to school.

Fluorescent food

Glow in the dark food, which has been trending for months, continues to grow in popularity.

Technicolor versions of sour cream on tacos and desserts including donuts, cotton candy and ice cream will give family members something to talk about during the holidays!

Milk mustache?

Do you kids drink soy milk? almond milk? or something else?

After some environmentally-conscious moms learned it takes three gallons of water to grow a single almond, they switched their kids to oat milk.

The number of dairy free drinks seems endless!

Grab and go

Portable, low-prep and portioned are the three characteristics that describe the breakfast trends for school children during this school year.

The hectic pace of getting everyone out of the house in the morning rush has made the first meal of the day a grab and go essential.

The one difference this year: an increased emphasis on nutrient- dense foods to power students through the morning.

Shop to eat?

Do you shop to eat or shop to socialize?

For busy moms, the convenience factor is a huge driver pushing them toward online grocery shopping.

Buying fresh online meal ingredients also removes the frantic grab to “find something to eat,” which often means a “put together” meal of leftovers that kids rarely consume.

The growth of online grocery shopping in the US appears to be moving American moms closer to a more European style of “buying fresh, eating fresh.”

Re-imagine veggies

An overseas supermarket chain worked with school students to make healthy lunchbox options more appealing.

The results:

Carrots were renamed “orange rockets”; cucumbers became “frisbees for elves”.