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School lunch blues

A glance inside school lunch boxes reveals that the “fresh” and “real” food trends still haven’t reached young brown baggers.

Processed foods are staples in many home-packed school lunches, even though veggies and other healthier foods are now packaged in attractive, single-serve packs.

If prices of healthier options dropped to the level of dollar store packages, kids could be eating better.


Lunch box chips

School started weeks ago in some areas, so trends are already emerging in lunch boxes.

What’s popular?

Chips. But potato chips have gone way beyond crinkle cut and thinly sliced salty crunches.

Even kids are packing bean chips, jicama chips, bean chips and rice chips.

Moms are looking for kid friendly flavors in snackable formats.

Your kids will remember this!

End the summer with a blaze out light: serve glow-in-the-dark treats.

Instagram started the trend of sharing eye-catching, extreme, over-the-top desserts.

This summer, Disney added their own touch: theme parks served cotton candy at the top of a flashing wand, which produced a glow that caused the spun sugar to light up.

Now there’s been an explosion of glow-in-the-dark snacks including light up popcorn and gelato. What a great conclusion to summer!

Kid cuisine

As the opening of school edges closer, meal delivery services for kids are ramping up.

Ready-to-eat meals with pre-measured organic ingredients in vacuum-sealed and recipes offer quick meals during the evening rush hours after sports and before bed.

Family boxes include classic kid favorites. Some meal kits even have age-targeted options for infants, toddlers, 4-8 year-olds, 9-13 year-olds and teens.

Are subscription services worth the cost? Numbers tell the story, and they are growing.

Inspire smart consumers

I was surprised to hear my 10-year-old grandson request we stop at Wendy’s because it serves “real” meat.

I’d like to think he’s prioritizing a higher quality of fast food, instead of merely parroting a commercial.

Consumer education begins in early childhood, so it’s never too soon to show kids how we demand transparency in production and reconnect food with its’ origin.

Eating clean

Are your kids eating “clean” this summer?

The “June July August” schedule is prime time for grazing through the kitchen, but more moms have switched to offer only superfoods, nutritious or wholesome options.

Junior chefs have been busy too, spiraling veggies and blending healthy, not necessarily low cal beverages.

Five years ago, who would have thought tweens and teens would view chemicals in food as unhealthy?

Perhaps the effort to support nutritious eating is actually starting to pay off!

High season for “grocerants”

Juggling kid’s camps, sport clinics and summer school schedules makes this high season for “grocerants,” those combination grocery stores and restaurants that are popping up all over.

More than merely expanded delis, grocerants offer a full menu of ready to eat meals that rival those of fast casual locations. Upscale grocerants even offer waiters and sushi chefs.

Grocerants offer fast service, with prices that are often lower than nearby restaurants.