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The wellness halo expands

Going to the doctor has often been a dreaded part of growing up, but it will be interesting to see if that continues to pop up on lists of children’s fears, now that health care has moved into the corner drugstore.

Although retail health clinics aren’t new,  the shift of medical services into retail space has accelerated.

Will kids still fear going to the doc if shopping for toys is just an aisle away?



Fight that phone!

Parents looking for good models of healthy phone use for their kids need only look as far as NBA teams.

Some teams require players to mentally declutter by putting away phones when eating together as a group. Appreciative parents welcome support for helping their kids manage phone use time from any source!

Wellness goes to school

In this new year, watch for signs that the culture of wellness has moved to school.

Look for words like “energizing,” “energy flow” and “frequent” in references to physical education. Watch for higher expectations of student’s personal responsibility, whether it’s charging the Chrome book every night or checking online for homework assignments.

Among administrators there’s a heightened awareness to helping students balance academics, emotional health and physical well-being. Now we’ll see how much of that “healthy living” language filters down to impact individual students.

Grab and go

Portable, low-prep and portioned are the three characteristics that describe the breakfast trends for school children during this school year.

The hectic pace of getting everyone out of the house in the morning rush has made the first meal of the day a grab and go essential.

The one difference this year: an increased emphasis on nutrient- dense foods to power students through the morning.

Baby-sized self care

Baby products are riding the natural wave. Need proof?

Just look at the shrinking list of ingredients on infant care products.

Moms are so accustomed to looking for names of recognizable ingredients are their products, they are following the same mental map when choosing infant care products.

Spiking anxiety?

The mental health of children will undoubtedly make headlines as kids head back to school.

And that’s good: social media experiences everyday (every hour?) trigger continuing concerns about self-image.

Feelings about “who’s liking me” will peak in the next weeks as students socialize in new settings. As a result, we need to be alert to the potential for increased anxiety that results from online messaging.

Baby friendly birthing

Whether a mom delivers in a hospital suite or birthing center, WiFi, gourmet food and in-suite tubs have moved onto the must-have list.

Healthcare facilities competing for business are finally learning that these expectations and amenities can dramatically impact customer satisfaction scores and online chatter.