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Spiking anxiety?

The mental health of children will undoubtedly make headlines as kids head back to school.

And that’s good: social media experiences everyday (every hour?) trigger continuing concerns about self-image.

Feelings about “who’s liking me” will peak in the next weeks as students socialize in new settings. As a result, we need to be alert to the potential for increased anxiety that results from online messaging.


Baby friendly birthing

Whether a mom delivers in a hospital suite or birthing center, WiFi, gourmet food and in-suite tubs have moved onto the must-have list.

Healthcare facilities competing for business are finally learning that these expectations and amenities can dramatically impact customer satisfaction scores and online chatter.

Dive in!

If your child is taking swimming lessons or is a member of the swim team, perhaps you’ve already encountered boutique wellness classes.

As you might have noticed this summer, the diversification of swimming as a way to keep fit has gone beyond swimming laps and water aerobics. Kids, tweens, teens and adults of all ages are embracing low impact aquatic exercises delivered with modern twists.

In some pools, music is played through underwater speakers; intervals and circuits are added to make full body workouts. Some classes end with high energy party segments that raise the fun level. And of course, the mindfulness trend comes to the pool through classes of “noodlers” who silently float on flexible foam noodles.

Still only swimming laps? Look around. There might be a more interesting activity that might even become a cross-generational favorite!

Self-care on vacation?

Like generations of parents before them, Millennial parents are struggling to find the elusive sense of balance in the middle of busyness.

The need for parent self-care is being reflected in time designated for parent relaxation as family travel is planned this summer.

Although the goal is to return home feeling rested and relaxed, a healthy balance for mom and dad can still be elusive when on vacation.

A duck that does more

The Aflac duck isn’t merely a brand mascot who’s a Facebook favorite (with 700,000 fans.)

He’s been transformed into a robot that comforts kids with cancer.

In one of the best-ever tech innovations, My Special Aflac Duck is on the way to medical centers across the country. Designed to distract and comfort patients during treatment, the duck is delivered without cost.

Video game addiction

An old problem has a new label: the World Health organization (WHO) is recognizing video game addiction as an official mental health condition.

Video game addiction is basically playing games for an unhealthy length of time, resulting in the feeling that you can’t stop.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) describes internet gaming disorder as similar to a gambling addiction.

However video game addiction is described or defined, prevention is best, especially for our kids.

Relax your brain

After coloring books for adults, can bedtime stories for adults be far behind?

Evidently not, as it’s now emerging as a trend under the wellness umbrella.

Natural sleep aids, including peace-filled playlists and white noise machines, have been around forever. But stories for sleep-deprived moms and dads might be on the horizon. Just watch…