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50 and counting

A sure sign of aging:  Sesame Street will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.  I remember when I joined other early childhood educators to ask, “Can TV teach and entertain?”

Are you among the twenty million (literally) who read The Monster at the End of This Book to your kids?  If so, you helped make that the best selling Sesame Street book of all time.

Kid power

I’ve rarely been interested in car commercials, but recent advertisements have caught my attention.

I’ve been amused and entertained by the various attempts of car makers who are obviously trying to reach parents through their children.

Of course, these ad execs are tapping into a fact of life: more than 90% of parents admit their children influence daily household purchasing. That’s true kid power.

Ten days and counting

Nickelodeon’s 15th annual Worldwide Day of Play is scheduled for Saturday, September 29.

As usual, the kidcaster will suspend programming from noon to 3 pm (EST) to encourage health and wellness through play.

The appy world of kids

As apps devour phone space, the use of apps for children is increasingly being addressed by tech educators.

Actually, the whole topic of media engagement among kids is going far beyond screen time, dealing with topics that include virtual reality games, interactive robots and artificial intelligence. Privacy continues to be a theme throughout realtime conversations on the ground between parents and kids and among researchers.

Educators continue to look for ways that developmentally appropriate apps can bring together children, their peers and their families. We’re on the front edge of a new wave of app engagement.

Cry before you buy

The typically heart-tugging ads we saw around Christmas carried through to the Olympics; some tear-jerkers are still hanging around.

Typically involving children and their parents, emotive marketing has been a growing edge for advertisers. Many ads which aired in recent months featured dads and daughters.

Some of the ads are beautifully orchestrated, even though I can’t figure out what they are trying to sell.

Toy-friendly films

Marketers can barely hold back their anticipation of the International Toy Fair held each year at this time in New York City.

The reason: an entertainment rich release schedule of kid friendly (ie. toy friendly) films.

This means parents will have another year of kid begging for licensed toys. Hint: prepare for a deluge of superheroes.

Binge effect downaging

The teen trend of hunting for binge-worthy TV is aging down to tweens.

Entertainment execs have used serialized storytelling to fuel the summertime activity. Longer stories result in deeper engagement by viewers.

And of course, digital tech means those screens go everywhere.