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Peak time for frugal moms

The back-to-school shopping season is a favorite for price-conscious moms.

These frugal shoppers buy crayons and other school supplies in bulk. They’re ready to fill backpacks next month and holiday stockings in December. Colored pencils and erasers make great party favors year round.

Smart shoppers who maximize the deals available now, feel less pressure when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around.


We’ve moved into the second-biggest retail season of the year: back to school. (BTS)

The two key factors in purchase decisions are students’ desire to look “cool” and discounts.

What started last year has really geared up now: location-based messages so deals pop up when you’re in the store – sometimes in a specific section of the store – in real-time.

Saving money is a big deal considering the average household spends more than $600 on back to school. But don’t let dad shop: he’ll spend 37% more than mom.

Reshopper moms

The summer garage sale season has never been more spectacular.

As more moms adopt repurposing and simplification as lifestyle elements, the resale economy is alive and well on suburban driveways.

Mommy Brain

If you’re a new mom, blame the brain for the mental fog. It’s not your imagination; Mommy Brain is real.

But hang on, because you’ll end up in a good place.

Researchers have shown that connections thicken in the brain after delivery. As a result, you might feel smarter and concentrate more intently.

So celebrate. Your brain is growing.

Life ready?

The uncertain and unstable times are hitting parents at the core.

In some previous generations, putting up a protective wall was the smart approach to keeping children safe. Now, there appears to be a shift toward exposing kids to more situations. Some moms and dad hope their kids learn to think fast and handle issues, simply because so much is spinning out of control.

The challenge is to find that zone between keeping a child safe and fostering independence.

Deal you in

Even before the first quarter of 2017 ends, deals have become a major thread in the world of mom commerce.

Moms who cut out coupons as children have returned to coupon clipping. Mobile coupons are good, too. Actually any type of deal is attractive, like when you earn credit or get products for referrals. Some bloggers even pass along coupons and special deals.

Cash-back programs are popular, too, because saving big is big.

Family time guaranteed

It sounds counterintuitive, but increasing numbers of moms and dads are using tech to get more family time.

Want more bonding time? Set a reminder to leave work on time.

Need more time as a family unit? Use apps to find tech-free activities and child-friendly attractions.

Need an accountability partner? Set up text reminders with another parent.