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Kidult playgrounds?

This spring, I’ve seen more parents sliding and climbing at playgrounds than ever before.

Some of that is due to dads who really enjoy fatherhood and want everyone to know it, which is fine.

But there’s true delight on the faces of parents as they squeeze through slide tunnels and pump sky-high on swings.

I’m convinced some moms and dads are trying to recapture the fun of childhood.


Alone no more

Social media has effectively reduced the feeling of isolation that was previously common among new moms.

These new parents use apps and social networking platforms to seek potential playdates, set up in-person meetups and locate other moms with mutual interests.

Researchers say only 18% of moms think it’s easy to have successful friendships while mothering, but social media certainly
makes it easier.

Let’s play

Research shows the average preschooler laughs about 300 times each day; adults laugh 12-17 times daily.

Those sad statistics, alone, offer an excuse to build play into our day.

Although fidgets never caught on as executive desk toys, we can thank our kids for giving us excuses to play. Any parent who asks their child, “Can I play, too?” will be welcomed with a smile.

Ads with personality

Have you noticed subtle shifts in advertising to moms?

There are more personal story lines and fewer “perfect image” kids and families. Realness is everywhere – even 30 second clips show a variety of emotions.

It will be interesting to see if these shifts are noticeable in Super Bowl ads.

Too much mom drama

Moms are passionate, and that’s good. We bring a lot of emotional energy to our parenting.

But everyday dramas can reveal a resurgence of the old issues like SAHD (stay-at-home) vs. employed; “poor me” syndrome; dad as the inept babysitter, etc.

Quite honestly, I thought those ancient stereotypes were buried long ago. No one benefits when they bubble up.

Resolutions or goals?

It’s resolution-making weekend, but not for moms. They are too smart.

Research shows moms set specific, achievable goals for the new year, instead of resolutions that can be easily broken.

And that’s a good note on which to end the year.

Perfect mom?

An image of the “perfect mom” has plagued generations of moms.
Unfortunately, that’s still true, even though a majority of moms believe achieving that ideal is impossible.

In recent research, 9 out of 10 moms feel pressured to be “perfect.”

And how is perfection defined?

The perfect mom always puts her family first and is a good role model.

That’s a nice goal to target, but we need to view ourselves through the lens of real life.