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Lunch box chips

School started weeks ago in some areas, so trends are already emerging in lunch boxes.

What’s popular?

Chips. But potato chips have gone way beyond crinkle cut and thinly sliced salty crunches.

Even kids are packing bean chips, jicama chips, bean chips and rice chips.

Moms are looking for kid friendly flavors in snackable formats.


Back-to-school sales

I’m waiting to see if the “less is more” trend hits back-to-school sales.

Even with weekly sales, the cost of school supplies has increased so much, sheer economics might compel parents to embrace a minimalist approach to buying for fall.

Lead transparency?

Lead contamination in school drinking water continues to cause headaches for administrators this summer.

Although an increasing number of districts have done lead testing and starting remediation, some parents still aren’t been notified about progress in dealing with the problem.

In some schools, lack of routine testing means lead in water often isn’t discovered, or only discovered by chance.

Where’s the transparency?


We’ve moved into the second-biggest retail season of the year: back to school. (BTS)

The two key factors in purchase decisions are students’ desire to look “cool” and discounts.

What started last year has really geared up now: location-based messages so deals pop up when you’re in the store – sometimes in a specific section of the store – in real-time.

Saving money is a big deal considering the average household spends more than $600 on back to school. But don’t let dad shop: he’ll spend 37% more than mom.

Exercise + academics = achievement

Researchers have shown that integrating physical activity into the school day improves academic performance.

Although the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity, schools struggle to meet the standard.

That won’t get any easier now that we’re in the heart of the “teaching year,” or these weeks before annual academic testing.
And that’s part of the challenge: schools are held accountable for academic achievement, so math and reading are emphasized. Extra time for gym or recess simply doesn’t happen.

Adding physical activity would mean massive overhauling of personnel, space and schedules. Will this happen during the 2017-18 school year?

Fake news flurry

The flurry of fake news skyrocketed last fall, but the shadows linger.

Standard University researchers discovered that middle school students can’t distinguish between “sponsored content” and a real news story. Most high school students accept photos without verification.

Although media literacy is taught in our schools, it appears there are many lessons to be learned.

“Makers” meet the science fair

Students who have been influenced by the Makers Movement during the past several years will find creating science fair projects relatively easy.

Science fair season has been the traditional low point of the school year for non-creative parents and kids.

But students who have mixed art with science, technology, engineer, math assignments will find it easier to sew an LED light into fabric or create a new form of solar-powered toy.

Even four-year olds are starting to play with gadgets and gizmos in preschool. These kids who want “real” might sound a death knell for the plastic toys of previous generations.