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Fading football fever

Football fever is starting to fade in some high schools.

Although Friday night games will still be a tradition in many areas this fall, research shows a declining percentage of participating students. Concussion awareness has made coaches work harder at recruiting athletes and convincing parents the game is safe.

A ripple effect is inevitable for cheerleading squads, marching bands and booster clubs.

Participation in sports looks good on college applications, but fewer students will be listing football.


Empowered to cope?

At all levels of education, the first weeks of the school year include active shooter drills.

However, parents and some mental health professionals are increasingly concerned that practicing how to respond in these potentially dangerous situations is adding emotional stress, starting in early childhood.

This fall, school systems are walking a fine line between empowering students to cope with situations, without creating unnecessary anxiety. Some say the next “new normal” for schools will be to help kids develop resilience. From what I’m seeing, we’re not there, yet.

The shift to snack

Did your kids snack through the summer?

Adjusting to an established lunch time is one of the toughest transitions as kids head back to school after months of snacking “whenever” and “wherever.”

All-day snacking is becoming more accepted in classrooms, although health professionals are concerned that aimless snacking can be an obstacle to weight control.

Spiking anxiety?

The mental health of children will undoubtedly make headlines as kids head back to school.

And that’s good: social media experiences everyday (every hour?) trigger continuing concerns about self-image.

Feelings about “who’s liking me” will peak in the next weeks as students socialize in new settings. As a result, we need to be alert to the potential for increased anxiety that results from online messaging.

Grazing adjustments

Making mealtime adjustments impacts students returning to school.

Grazing reigns during summer, when snacks are always available. The school schedule doesn’t accommodate that.

Although many schools allow water bottles and some allow snacking, back to school means purposeful morning eating to power through til noon and protein dense lunches.

Time to de-stress

Feeling stressed?

You’re not alone. Research says the back-to-school season is the most stressful time of year for moms. The month of December is busy, but right now causes the most tension.

What has caused the uptick in stress levels?

The increasing cost (clothes, supplies, fees and essentials), new routines, the hassles of shopping with the kids and seeing them stressed about going back to school.

Sounds like it’s time for a vacation!

To bad or not to ban

The problem vexing administrators as they think ahead to the new school year: to ban or not to ban student cell phones.

Although cell phones have proven valuable in school shootings, the digital distraction is having a negative impact on learning.

Students at all levels are confident of their ability to multitask. However, research has shown that rapid attention shifts actually hijack our thinking.

Plus, the anxiety that results from being disconnected to phones, laptops and other gadgets also distracts from learning.

“To ban or not to ban?” The question is real. The answer is not clear.