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Frictionless shopping

Have you noticed how brick and mortar retailers are paying attention to our shopping pain points?

A few days ago, the clerk at Target noticed a line forming and immediately opened another register, even though that cashier only served a single customer.

Tech experts are working on the next generation of QR scanning, but that might not be around long: in some locations, customers don’t even scan a QR code.

Other retailers are experimenting with various forms of cashierless shopping.

I’m eager to see how today’s marketing experts solve a problem I often faced: when I managed to fit our three preschoolers in a cart, there wasn’t room for groceries!


Skipping out on gym

I wonder why some people – including parents – are surprised that recent data show that p.e. classes have been linked to discipline problems.

After all, when kids are unsupervised and possibly undressed, that’s prime breeding ground for bullying and out-of-bounds behavior.

Statistics revealed that in Texas, during their short-lived program that required physical activity every day, both truancy and misbehavior increased.  Anyone who has been embarrassed in a school locker room (and who hasn’t been?) can understand the high risk of problems.

Welcome, Tru Kids

If the new entity, Tru Kids Brands has a familiar ring, the “newly imagined omni channel retail experience” is led by former Toys ‘R Us execs.

Parents and grandparents will be happy to welcome back brand names like Imaginarium, Koala Baby, True Heroes, EduScience and other familiar TRU and BRU products offered under the new initiative.

Zero waste shift?

Although major brands are starting to launch reusable packaging, companies that service school cafeterias have a long way to go.

The zero -waste movement could get a head start by simply starting with something as simple as the apple juice containers served at school breakfasts.  What a difference if the juice was served in reusable, empty containers that would be collected, cleaned and returned !

Dodgeball and Red Rover have been replaced by Yoga in some schools.

But there’s been recent pushback against both that and mindfulness programs, all related to “religious intrusion”  in public education.


Brilliant watches

Tech savvy students no longer write numbers and notes on their palms before tests.

And since many schools have outlawed cell phones during exams, smartwatches have become digital way to a good graade.

Of course, kids need to buy the pricey timepieces first, but in some schools, that’s merely the price to pay for the latest cheat sheet.

Meat-free kids?

Cheesy roll-ups and cheese quesadillas have been long-time, kid-friendly Taco Bell menu items, but now vegetarian and vegans (parents and kids!) have more options.

Check out the Veggie Power Menu Burrito or tostadas.  School food service leaders might want to sample a few, too, to consider as possible menu items.  Just hinting…