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Piggy banks go digital

Recent research shows that children generate an average allowance of almost $9 a week from allowance.

Not only has the amount changed (upwards) but parents have gone digital. This makes it hard for young children, especially, to understand the “realness” of currency.

Instead of an app to teach money management, I still recommend the “save, spend, give” approach using three transparent containers, that involves multi-sensory learning. How else would kids experience the empowering jingle of coins in a pocket?


Swaddling ages up

There’s a new variation of swaddling.

Tightly wrapping infants to help them sleep is translating into a trend called adult wrapping. Advertised as a way to relieve stress and body tension, weighted blankets are designed to conform to body shape.

Labeled “cocooning” or “earthing,” these security blankets for adults are intended to help us feel safe.

Logo love

Interesting to reflect how the message sent by logo wear changes with the generations….

Long ago, luxe brands reflected a level of exclusiveness.

Then we went through a time when brands were avoided.

Now, one of our grandsons feels that clothing with a swoosh or Under Armour logo is like a “uniform” for his tribe. His logo shirt communicates he belongs to the group, while older kids are all about brand personalization…

A reflection of how our ever-evolving culture even invades our closets.


Dual-enrollment is an increasingly popular option for high school students. Some students never even leave the high school building!

This option allows high school students to take classes at a local college and earn college credit.

If AP (advanced placement) courses aren’t available in a specific topic at the high school, signing up for a college class is a good option.

With all the virtual and online classes available, checking all the options, including dual-enrollment, may save time and money.

Print That Connects

By December 27th children utter the familiar words, “I’m bored.

The presents have been opened. The cookies are getting stale. The holiday company is leaving. It’s an ideal time to encourage children to write thank you notes.

Yes, really. Messages delivered on paper.

Research shows that even though Millennials (most new parents are Millennials) are driven by digital media, print has become a welcome retreat from the online space.

Fake news, online stranger danger (scams, viruses, malware, hackers, etc.) and the blare of digital advertising means print communication stands out among the clicks. In addition, print makes a stronger emotional connection than clickable content.

So, doesn’t helping a child write a thank you note make sense?

Instant gratification nation

How patiently is your child waiting for Christmas?

We can hardly complain about antsy kids when we consider how
impatient we are.

Our tech obsession has led to an increased sense of impatience. How long would you wait for takeout? When ordering a ride from an app, how long would you wait?

Christmas is almost here. That’s one less thing for which to wait!

Junior chefs

Many of us bake holiday treats from recipes handed down through family and friends.

However, junior chefs, who have grown up watching cooking videos, tend to be more visual and intuitive.

Instead of following step by step instructions, some young chefs don’t rely heavily on written recipes. Instead, many of these hobbyists look at a wordless image online and let creativity rule.

I challenge, them though, to try that with a meringue!