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Connected in a cocoon

Research says that parents are comfortable with kids having a connected toy or device, but only if it’s safe.

Security and data privacy continue to concern parents of digikids. Worries about online hackers or criminals locating a child through GPS tracking decreases if the “connected cocoon” around kids insures their safety.

A timely thought as schools close and screens open for the summer.


A picture perfect vacation?

Parents who’ve struggled to excite older kids and tweens about joining family vacations have an easier time this year if the destination is share-worthy.

Searching for the best photo-ops can occupy even a teen who’s “been there, done that” on previous trips. Look for the “Instagram-ready” locations frequently marked in cities, theme parks and resort areas. Let your oldest child serve as the guide on the “Instagram trails” offered in many picturesque locations.

Vacations made for Instagram

Kids who help plan family vacation are driven by one factor this summer: finding Instagrammable locations.

Fortunately for parents who want kids to experience nature, the Grand Canyon and white water rafting rank as “spectacle locations.”
Grandma’s house, not so much.

Tech at every step

Parents have been quick to embrace the multiple forms of digital tech, designed to accompany moms and dads through every stage of their journey.

From fertility tracking before conception to prenatal communication devices in pregnancy to apps that connect new moms, tech is a click away.

Robots and personal assistants are the latest digital additions. Designed to help parents supervise children from adjacent rooms to answering parenting questions, data delivery is increasingly personalized. However, privacy is the issue that looms like a dark shadow.

VR struggles

Although there’s a lot of chatter about VR (virtual reality) data show that children aren’t frequent users.

Concerns about exposure to inappropriate content via VR is a major issue for parents. In addition, health concerns, lack of knowledge and cost are contributing to the slower than expected consumer acceptance.

Phoneless summer fun

There’s still time to plan a phone-free summer vacation.

Now trending, parents can even hire travel companies to provide child-friendly itineraries that are totally phone-free. Some adventure companies use the marketing ploy, “no cell service,” to attract those who want to kick the smartphone addiction.

Although some hotels offer unplugging as an amenity, others add a fee for offering an “unplugged retreat” or digital detox.

Where’s my pizza?

If your kids pester you with that question, Domino’s will give you the answer. Their app will track your order.

Perhaps you talked to Dom (the voice assistant) when you ordered, or simply ordered via Twitter using their pizza emoji, but however you order from Domino’s these days, technology is involved.