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Digital couponing

Let your child go couponing to earn some extra holiday cash.

Hand your child the phone and various items on your “maybe” shopping list. Invite him to scan the store app to see which have coupon offers. When your child finds products with a discount, give him the saved cash at checkout.


Social co-viewing

Co-viewing has been the recommended way for parents and children to spend screen time.

Now, co-viewing has become even more social with apps promising to bring people together. And it’s not just parents and kids. Peer co-viewing is becoming increasingly popular, especially through apps that allow simultaneous video viewing and chatting.

Whoever thought watching online content would become such a social experience?


You might not have known what to call it, but we see technoference countless times each day.

Technoference is when parents access screens while interacting with their children.

“Acting out” – which doesn’t need a definition – is how a child responds to even limited technoference.

Researchers are just now starting to look at the long-term impact on children who experience “divided attention.” Technoference is so prevalent, it’s bound to have an effect on kids. I wonder, too, how it impacts effective parenting.

Life before Alexa

Kids and parents love smart speakers.

That’s the conclusion from researchers studying speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

But it’s not just a favorite among kids. Parents like it too, because it keeps children entertained.

Moms and dads came before Alexa and will be around long after Alexa is nudged aside for newer tech toys.

That’s what really matters.

Better than IRL

Research shows that some tweens and teens have discovered something that’s more fun than face time with friends: VR video chats.

The technology is developing so quickly, that social networks are moving forward with virtual reality. Users can now connect with others through personalized avatars in entertainment environments or fun destinations. (Meet you in Hollywood!)

But I’ll take IRL (in real life) any day.

Junior wearables

Wearables haven’t taken the world by storm- yet- but they are big news in the preschool crowd.

Our five year old grandson has a $5 version that tracks how many steps he takes and shows the time.

It’s amazing how fast knock-offs of the real thing down-age when they hit the market.

The sharing landscape

Statistics about social media continue to change at what one consumer expert described as “whiplash speed.”

But the biggest news isn’t about the growing numbers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

The important fact is under the surface: social media has shortened our attention span.

Keeping up with what’s trending on a daily basis is barely relevant. A thought, insight or concept seems only as good as the most recent social media post.

I’m relieved to see that some of today’s content go “out” as quickly as it comes “in,” but at today’s frenetic pace, I wonder what lasting values we’ll embrace for the long-term.