Kids are still kids

As an early childhood educator, parents have asked me if “child development”, which I understand to be developmental levels, still matters.

Yes, it does.

My new grandson, Elijah, is not going to use a Lego like his four-year old brother or any of his cousins. Elijah would mouth the Lego and choke; everyone else would use it to build.

Development still matters.

However, even as an infant, Elijah is exposed to sights and sounds
that previous generations of babies haven’t seen or heard. We need to figure out how to respect a child’s developmental level while a whole new world takes shape around him.

Under the pillow

Recent data indicates the Tooth Fairy is becoming more generous.

The value of each lost tooth has skyrocketed to more than $4.00!

Evidently, the Tooth Fairy has totally recovered from the recession.

Family dress-up

Are you going with a Star Wars or Wizard of Oz theme?

With Halloween on a Saturday this year, more families are planning to dress up, usually choosing costumes around a common theme.

Group costumes are selling fast, especially those which include pet wear.

Hit pause for play

I recently observed our daughter-in-law study her infant son. Margaret looked intently at the way his eyes tracked the “new baby” balloon that floated above; she saw how he startled at a noise.

I know busy parents can’t spend tons of time watching our kids play and learn, but watching Margaret reminded me of how much we can learn about our children if we’d simply put down the phone.

The current epidemic of distracted parenting means moms and dads are missing out on the richness of their child’s early years, and children are growing up with a model of unfocused attentiveness.


Personal branding, kid style

Have you noticed how students have embraced a multitude of styles this fall?

All of a sudden, standing out is more important than fitting in with the crowd. Whether clothing, hair color/cuts, shoes or cell phone covers, even junior high kids have embraced personal branding.

Millennial dads

Although marketers target millennial moms, some of those corporate gurus should come with me to the grocery store.

More than ever before, I see dads showing kids the difference between mangos and kiwi and helping children read package labels. Will these dads become “supermarket natives?”

Being a “good dad” has become a status symbol – and upcoming generations will benefit.

Happy anniversary, Nancy

What a way to celebrate a tenth anniversary!

Fancy Nancy, who expresses her self with everything “fancy,” is slated to move into animated format in 2017. So for all those two-year old girls who aren’t yet into the sixty books and products yet, timing will be ideal.