Baby books trending

As a children’s author, I love the baby shower trend to “bring a book instead of a card.” Bring it on!

But get creative: look beyond the classics. That baby doesn’t need four copies of Good Night, Moon.

Gather a list of family favorites. What did your kiddos like? What were your favorite stories? Don’t be afraid to look beyond the baby years. After all, that baby will need good books many years from now

Congrats, Super D

Dads have spent years searching for the elusive balance between being an Alpha Male and a sensitive, caring Father.

But congratulations are due to Millennial Dads. Although some are still looking, everyday I see Dads actively engaged and emotionally connecting with their children.

Families are healthier because of it.

Back on the Oregon Trail

Did you – or your kids – learn computer skills playing the Oregon Trail? The video game that overflowed with gruesome 19th century ways to die?

Well, “the back to the future” trend is alive and well: a new version, based on the classic from 1971, is back. But for this go-round, the game is sold exclusively at Target.

Some things haven’t changed: you can still die from dysentery, typhoid or snake bites before completing the journey.


Planning out

Have you noticed that furniture in most bedroom youth groups now offer a queen bed option?

Perhaps as a leftover from the Recession, more parents are “thinking forward” when purchasing post-baby furniture. Often, a child’s room is later converted into a guest room. Buying the larger size bed a few years early saves money.

Gender neutral thinking about toys might be carrying over to kids furniture, too. Some parents are steering away from the more gender-specific ornate and carved details traditionally typical of girl’s bedrooms and the rustic flair of boy’s rooms. Both styles could look too juvenile in a future guest room.

Online treasure hunt

Impulse shopping has a new home: an online dollar store.

The cheap prices are triggering a huge uptick in sales at

Toys are a best-selling category, and it’s not even Christmas!

Moms of tweens and teens

The current issue of Family Circle clearly reflects their target: moms of tweens and teens.

The magazine is upfront that the re-design is to reach influential millennial moms who are raising Gen Z.

The facelift promises to present content in a less formal way that’s more fun. We’ll see how readers respond.

That powerful thumb

Researchers continue to emphasize what we observe repeatedly in everyday life: the thumb is in charge.

Data show that parents “overindex” on mobile. As a result, distracted parenting is a continual risk