The Smartphone Effect

Nostalgia has even hit Millennials. Game Boys and other portable game consoles are being delivered to the cemetery.

What we see in casual observations has been confirmed by recent research: the age of first-time smartphone ownership continues to drop.

So what is the average age to get a first smartphone? 10.3 years.

Anxiety, moms and social media

Recent data has confirmed what earlier research revealed: moms who are immersed in social media are more anxious than their peers.

It’s easy to understand.

There’s stress to create a perfect image online.

There’s stress that results from the time monster of social media, when your kids run wild or supper doesn’t get cooked.

Let the data lead to a gut-check. Ask,”Am I spending a healthy amount of time online?”

Let transparency rule: be honest with yourself.

Ugly fruit, good lesson

Have you noticed a bin of “ugly fruit” or “imperfect vegetables” at the grocery store?

In an attempt to have more transparency with consumers, an increasing number of grocers are getting the courage to sell odd-shaped carrots and irregular berries.

Industry advisors see the trend as a natural result of the farm-to-table movement.

But as an educator, I believe it offers a great opportunity to trigger a conversation with your kids…and not only about veggies.

National Readathon Day

Tomorrow is National Readathon Day.

The goal is to develop a new generation of lifelong readers. As an early childhood educator, mom, grandmother and author, I believe that’s a great goal.

Grab a book. Grab a child. Celebrate reading (and you don’t need to wait until tomorrow!)

Body positivity

The trend of using plus-size models in print ads and commercials has made some parents ask if that will impact the skinny-minnie world of tween and teen fashion.

Downaging the power of what’s being called the movement of “body positivity” could have a positive impact, especially now that swimsuit season is approaching.

History-making Lego

Next month, you’ll be able to purchase Lego’s first figure in a wheelchair. Although the announcement was made in January, the figure will just be available now.

About time.

Crawl to learn

Recent research reinforces the importance of crawling during the early years.

A summary: experienced crawlers have better depth perception than new or inexperienced crawlers. That might not sound important, but it’s critical when a toddler is poised at the top of stairs!

Bottom line: Get toddlers out of jump seats and let them crawl freely under your continual supervision.