“Social eating”

One offshoot of the “Foodie” trend is watching videos of people eating, or “social eating.”

Because kids are among the most frequent viewers of cooking shows, it’s not surprising that social eating is also popular among children.

Now if they’d only be as excited about doing the dishes…

Toy Fair

This weekend, I’m eager to check out some of the newest ideas in children’s books and playthings at the International Toy Fair.

Each year, I find some of the most intriguing products aren’t from headline brands, but from smaller companies around the edges of the Javits Center exhibit floor. We’ll see if that’s true this year, since pricey VR, AR and coding are sure to be trending.

AR afterglow

The holidays are long gone, but children who opened toys powered by augmented reality might be leading the charge for more AR applications.

The immersive experience of even a small, hand-held magnifying glass to create AR viewing of insects is engaging, even for non-bug lovers.

After the worldwide phenomena of Pokemon Go followed by the deluge of AR powered toys last Christmas, augmented reality is a feature kids might expect in the future.

IoT chatter

In the weeks since the Consumer Electronics Show, there’s been a lot of chatter about the many ways parents are engaging with the Internet of Things IoT).

Research shows that moms and dads have gone beyond smart baby toys and infant health tracking devices. Parents are big buyers of Smart TVs, home security devices and kitchen appliances.

Why are people so surprised?

Parents look for ways to make life easier. And that was true long before connected cars and smart baby gear.

New for soup season

Have you breezed past the Well Yes! cans stacked high?

On the outside, there isn’t a hint of the familiar Campbell’s label. Inside the totally recyclable can, there’s no MSG and ingredients including the predictable quinoa, kale and farro.

The Well Yes! brand isn’t organic, but I’ll give it a taste test.

Millennial wave hits

We’re on the edge of the Millennial parenting wave.

As 18-35 year olds become moms and dads, will they substitute soup at home for Friday night Happy Hour? Save to buy a car (really!) instead of spending a bonus check on luxe travel?

Although the age of first marriage and childbirth is going up, having a baby is still a major life event. Soon we’ll see what shock waves that creates for Millennials (and the rest of us.)

Eight seconds

Researchers say that the average length of a person’s attention span is eight seconds.

I guess they’ve never watched a three-year old play in a bathtub.