Inspire smart consumers

I was surprised to hear my 10-year-old grandson request we stop at Wendy’s because it serves “real” meat.

I’d like to think he’s prioritizing a higher quality of fast food, instead of merely parroting a commercial.

Consumer education begins in early childhood, so it’s never too soon to show kids how we demand transparency in production and reconnect food with its’ origin.

Play today

Schools are starting up, but has your child played enough this summer? (Plugged in play doesn’t count!)

Unstructured time is essential to a child’s well-being. That’s a fact, although unfortunately, statistics show that playtime has declined for a number of childhood age groups. Today’s kids tend to be over-programmed and over-structured.

So before the first day of school, give your child the gift of time to play. Toss her a football. Challenge him to a race around the block. Encourage her to climb a tree.

Play is such a good teacher.

The IoT comes home

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to a home near yours. Perhaps your home.

In their continuing search for efficiency, moms and dads are becoming some of the earliest adopters of smart technology. And once the newest tech gadget is applauded on a mom network, those good words spread quickly on social media.

Time is currency, and no one knows that better than busy parents.

Sleeping with a Smartphone

Researchers have validated what many of us experience: technology is making it harder to be a good parent today.

Portability makes tech totally invasive, if we allow it.

Seven in ten parents say they sleep with their phone next to them.
It’s not surprising then, that 82% of teens and more than 70% of tweens take their phones to bed.

Technology hasn’t changed everything. The traditional truism is still valid: “like parent, like child.”

Eating clean

Are your kids eating “clean” this summer?

The “June July August” schedule is prime time for grazing through the kitchen, but more moms have switched to offer only superfoods, nutritious or wholesome options.

Junior chefs have been busy too, spiraling veggies and blending healthy, not necessarily low cal beverages.

Five years ago, who would have thought tweens and teens would view chemicals in food as unhealthy?

Perhaps the effort to support nutritious eating is actually starting to pay off!

Giving back

I knew that the wave of eco-friendliness had exploded into a true societal shift when an electric car charging station was installed at our community center.

One of the neatest sustainability initiatives comes from reverse delivery service. After drivers deliver food to restaurants and grocery stores, they pick up food donations that go to local food banks.

Back-to-school sales

I’m waiting to see if the “less is more” trend hits back-to-school sales.

Even with weekly sales, the cost of school supplies has increased so much, sheer economics might compel parents to embrace a minimalist approach to buying for fall.