The Maker Movement goes to school

As an early childhood educator, “teaching the whole child” is included in my professional philosophy.

That’s probably why one of the most encouraging signs this fall has been schools which have “rediscovered” the arts.

In spite of the “Maker Movement” and remnants of the Recession which still crop up in DIY projects, only a quarter of Americans consider themselves as creative. That’s a horribly low percentage, considering that eighty-eight percent of us value creativity!

I’m hoping that the benefits of creative expression will be so significant in classrooms, that next year every school will join the Maker Movement.

Strong moms

Will aspirational tween and teen girls copy the athleisure clothing styles modeled by their moms?

Moms have embraced a sporty wardrobe; gym clothes is worn everywhere.

The wardrobe shift signals a bigger investment in wellness under the umbrella of building a stronger body-mind-soul, instead of a skinnier shape.


The growing dominance of mobile was obvious during a recent stop at an Indianapolis area Chick-Fil-A: the store will no longer accept paper coupons.

What an obvious sign that we live in a digital-first world.

Monday doesn’t matter

Halloween is on a Monday, but retail experts say the day of the week doesn’t matter anymore: Halloween is simply big and getting bigger.

The DIY trend is sure to continue, as even children join the create-a-costume wave. Accessories to customize and personalize are predicted to include more jewelry and wigs than in the past.

And if the experts are right, look for girl power in ninjas, warriors and first responders. Girls aren’t waiting for rescuers: they are doing the rescuing.


Transparency and “realness” are often said to be characteristics for social media.

But honestly, is it really authentic to choose a child’s birthday party dress so she’ll look good in online posts?

Now that a potential photographer is anyone with a smartphone, I wonder what other behaviors will change to look good on social media.

Artisan everything

Foodie parents might be all about tapas, food trucks and understanding where their food came from, but those trends haven’t down-aged to kids.

Artfully arranging a meal in a bowl or serving spiralized veggies still doesn’t have the appeal of mac and cheese.

In the shadow of Pokemon Go

The spike of Pokemon Go is long gone, but the nostalgic game- playing left a long shadow: the popularity of AR.

Augmented reality (AR) mixes physical reality with digital images, video and sounds.

Marketing gurus are preparing big time ad budgets for this artificial world. Are you ready for the ultimate in immersive advertising?