Lexiles, percentages and levels

The barrage of tests that assaults students has introduced parents to an entire new vocabulary.

Computer-adaptive tests. Percentile rank. Percentile range. Zone of proximal development. Parents need a new dictionary to understand how a child performed in school this year!

Time with kids counts

Since publication of the April 2015 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, water-cooler conversations have continued.

The focus: research suggests that children’s academic and emotional well-being is not determined by the time spent with mom. (Link below.) The take-away for many has been “Let go of the guilt, mom.”

But that shortchanges other important conclusions. For example, men feel “working-dad guilt.” Almost half of dads feel they don’t spend enough time with their children.

And another takeaway: time spent with both parents can make a difference in the behavior of teens.

I’m waiting for someone to grab that headline.


Beyond the world of “like”

I’ve noticed a new awareness among some parents: recognition that digital “friendships” feed their child’s self-promotion beyond healthy levels of “likes.”

That’s one reason parents are intensely considering a range of summer activity options for their kids.

So although many kids will participate in STEM-driven camps, a growing demographic of parents hope to introduce their tech-driven kids to a world beyond the screen.

A mom migration

Have you noticed the mom migration? After surviving years of jokes about mommy bloggers, who actually were key influencers at one time, followers have crossed platforms.

Many blogs are no longer the “it” site for product reviews. Check Instagram and Pinterest boards to find what’s new and what’s now.

Girl tech, boy tech

Fascinating new research revealed that gender matters when a parent selects a digital platform for their child.

Amazing – or perhaps not so surprising – that parents tend to be more protective when choosing tech for their daughters.

Link below


Celebrate young children

The Week of the Young Child, which kicked off yesterday, focuses on the early childhood years. As an educator, I’ve spent a lifetime communicating the importance of the years from 0-8, which provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

Look for a variety of special events that focus on “Celebrating Young Children,” which is the theme this year. Look for a parade, children’s fair, art shows, concerts, workshops and other inter-generational fun right in your own community.

Kid Zumba?

It’s not your imagination if you’ve heard the patter of little feet in your fitness center.

The formerly kid-free oasis is changing. Some sport clubs now charge adult-size rates for children to take karate, ballet, gymnastics or yoga.

Although children’s chatter is so unexpected it can be initially jarring, young and old apparently co-exist in separate spaces under the same roof, until everybody heads for the locker room. Then….