Playing catch up?

With the tsunami of back to school ads during recent weeks, did you note the “Christmas in July” promotions?

Marketers know that a significant percentage of moms begin holiday shopping in summer.

Catch any remaining deals on notebooks and school supplies: they make great stocking stuffers.


Grazing adjustments

Making mealtime adjustments impacts students returning to school.

Grazing reigns during summer, when snacks are always available. The school schedule doesn’t accommodate that.

Although many schools allow water bottles and some allow snacking, back to school means purposeful morning eating to power through til noon and protein dense lunches.

Time to de-stress

Feeling stressed?

You’re not alone. Research says the back-to-school season is the most stressful time of year for moms. The month of December is busy, but right now causes the most tension.

What has caused the uptick in stress levels?

The increasing cost (clothes, supplies, fees and essentials), new routines, the hassles of shopping with the kids and seeing them stressed about going back to school.

Sounds like it’s time for a vacation!

Move over, Mom

Mom bloggers have dominated headlines and captured the attention of bargain shoppers, but dads, especially millennial dads, are crashing into the online parenting space.

Recent research indicates that more than half of dads say they are better fathers because of what they’ve learned through social media.

Dads are still faster than moms at adopting new tech, but perhaps those stats will flip in today’s fast-changing world.


Did you avoid posting a “mommy and me” photo of because your kitchen looked messy in the background? or deleted a vacation video because a travel-weary child was acting up?

If so, you’re in the majority.

But posting only Instagram-ready images may be declining as pictures of real-time, imperfect families appear in ads and brand messages.

Transparency can be refreshing. However, it’s good to remember that once something is posted, it’s out there forever.

Be selfish, for once

Instead of simply encouraging your child to finish his assigned summer reading list, be selfish, for once: pick up his book and read aloud to your child.

There’s something wonderfully fulfilling and satisfying about the process.

When reading aloud to a child, we know we’re doing something right. That’s a plus. But it’s personally rewarding, too, to snuggle up and share a good read.

So escape the pile of wet swim towels dumped on the floor and lemonade spilled on the counter: grab your child and his book and start reading to him.

“Fur babies”

Did you view a pet as a “starter child?”

A growing number of pet parents view caring for their dog, cat or iguana as practice for having children.

So many people celebrate pet milestones like birthdays and obedience class graduation, it’s obvious that the fur baby economy is a real phenomena!