Nearing majority levels

The word “diversity” is becoming more than a word.

According to new estimates by the US Census Bureau, nearly half of the children aged 15 and under belong to racial and ethnic minority populations.

The long-anticipated shift is happening.

Foodie alert

Junior foodies have spent their summer cooking or watching videos of chefs in the kitchen.

But the newest trend? Watching people eat what they cook.

Social eating here we come.

Brain waves

We are poised on the edge of the IoT (Internet of Things) but is the future really going to be great?

If the printer automatically orders cartridges based on my writing children’s books, what happens when I write an adult book? I won’t need that cartridge, because I don’t have multiple pages of art to print before approval.

If the IoT is thinking for me, what happens inside my head? Brain activity is supposed to keep me young.

Food moods at school

The move toward regular meals is one of the hardest challenges for kids as they adjust to school routines.

After cruising through the kitchen all summer and eating according to food moods, waiting until noon to march to the cafeteria means surviving a long morning.

Some elementary schools, though, are loosening the traditional “no food” rule. This new flexibility is an interesting commentary on how fragmented mealtimes can impact even a deeply entrenched school culture.

Personal or parent identity?

Did you give up your personal identity when you had a child?

Historically, that happened to generations of moms.

Now, moms and dads continue many of their pre-parenting activities without missing a beat. You might say, “Of course,” but it hasn’t always been that way.

Today’s parents are disrupting role expectations and reinventing life with young children. History continues to be written.

Pitch a tent

Trying to squeeze in one more camping trip before school starts?
Pitch a tent in the backyard tonight.

That versatility, plus the family friendly focus are two reasons camping became the go-to hit of the sporting goods industry this summer.

And just think, winter camping and ice fishing season aren’t far off.

Good night with Grover

No, not Grover of Sesame fame. Grover Cleveland – the man who was president not once, but twice.

Seriously though, this is a good book. Just released, “Grover Cleveland, Again” has an interesting back story.

Historical film maker Ken Burns would send his four daughters to bed with a bedtime routine that taught them the names of the U.S. Presidents (in order!)

Ken would say “George” and a girl would respond, “Washington.”
But when the family got to Grover Cleveland for the second time, (he served two non-consecutive terms,) the correct response for No. 24 was naturally, “Grover Cleveland, Again.”

Quite a back story, and the content is perfect for easing kids back into school.