The presidential campaign, which has too often resembled a shouting match, has raised concerns about the civility of posts on social media.

Recent warnings that potential employers monitor social media has driven a modest level of caution for some. However, networks are starting to acknowledge their role in keeping the conversation positive.

After all, to keep advertisers and ensure safe spaces for healthy discussion, some people need reminders to think before they post.

Mom, move over

Did you catch the stealth action by Amazon?

Several months ago, the “Amazon Mom” program became “Amazon Family.”

Next-gen and blogger dads, take a bow.

Will this action make more brand marketers re-think their laser focus on Millennial Moms?

Target’s Big Four

Already a mom favorite, Target is working to boost loyalty with moms.

Their growth points include kids, baby, style and wellness, all key areas for Millennial moms.

Look for more integration with IoT (The Internet of Things) in baby care and a new children’s clothing line, Cat & Jack.

What’s not to like?

VR for kids

“Google cardboard with fries.”

That’s how one commentator described the Happy Meal boxes that turn into virtual-reality viewers.

McDonalds launched the trial run last month in Sweden. The process is simple: a child tears along perforated lines, folds the cardboard, inserts an included virtual-reality lens and adds a parent’s smartphone. Magically, the Happy Meal box becomes a VR headset.

Sounds like an upgrade from Pizza Hut’s pizza box projector.

Chick-fil-A wins mom votes

“Mom’s Valet” didn’t come soon enough for me, but it’s perfect for today’s Millennial Moms.

Parents can order at the drive-thru (with kids still in the car) then go inside to eat where an employee serves them at a table and the correct number of high chairs.

Great idea!

Will Wendy and Taco Bell catch on?

Family Friday

As an early childhood educator, each year “my” professional organization, NAEYC (The National Association for the Education of Young Children) draws attention to the importance of the years 0-8 during “The Week of the Young Child.”

Today, on “Family Friday,” young children throughout the country are celebrating the importance of those whom they love the most: it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day all rolled into one day.

As an early childhood educator, I know that at least half of teaching young children is partnering with families. Today, we celebrate these people who prioritize the next generation.

More for “Maker” Girls

American Girl is grabbing onto the “Maker” movement.

Their new construction collection by Mega Blocks is inspired by the popular Girl of the Year characters.

Designed for girls ages 8 and up, I anticipate that ceiling will age down. Initially, the sets are exclusive to Toys ‘R Us, but will be available elsewhere after July 1.