Dad plays Barbie, too

Dad-engagement in children’s play started to break through in a big way several years ago, but Mattel’s “You Can Be Anything” campaign was still a pleasant surprise.

“Real” dads are shown playing Barbie with their “real” daughters.
You might have seen the ads: scenarios show dads actively involved in make-believe play.

What a healthy reflection of the positive changes reflected among today’s Next Gen dads.


Are you overwhelmed yet by all the “Dadvertising” that’s appearing in the sport space?

Although moms remain primary caregivers, today’s Next Gen Dads are playing a bigger role in the family. Dads are no longer absent from the parenting process, at least that’s the conclusion after watching all the father-friendly advertising wrapped around recent sport broadcasts.

New ads show dads as supportive partners in child-rearing.

If dads haven’t caught onto the importance of that role in realtime, we can only hope they’re embracing the ad messaging…and playing dress-up with their daughters after the basketball game.

“You love me. I’ll love you”

At the International Toy Fair last month, I saw all kinds of pets:
digital, collectible, plush, plastic and some made on a 3-D printer.

We know that children often bond emotionally to animals, even if they aren’t warm and fuzzy. But I wonder how much of that special connection for a pet (regardless of the level of “realness”) is because an animal will love a child just as he is…whether he forgot to make his bed, dropped a fly ball or missed words on a spelling test.

Being accepted just for who you are…that Fred Rogers message is timeless.

Deal you in

Even before the first quarter of 2017 ends, deals have become a major thread in the world of mom commerce.

Moms who cut out coupons as children have returned to coupon clipping. Mobile coupons are good, too. Actually any type of deal is attractive, like when you earn credit or get products for referrals. Some bloggers even pass along coupons and special deals.

Cash-back programs are popular, too, because saving big is big.

Family time guaranteed

It sounds counterintuitive, but increasing numbers of moms and dads are using tech to get more family time.

Want more bonding time? Set a reminder to leave work on time.

Need more time as a family unit? Use apps to find tech-free activities and child-friendly attractions.

Need an accountability partner? Set up text reminders with another parent.

Pint size A-listers

“Stylish parents choose designer brands” is the headline this spring as high-end children’s clothing and decor lines begin to flood the market.

The price tags for children’s luxe collections from Diane von Furstenburg, Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Gucci rival the cost of fashions for adults.

Can a “Best-dressed List” for five year olds be far behind?

K is for Kindness

Kindness is catching.

At least that’s the premise of the latest multimedia campaign from Sesame Workshop.

Becoming more tolerant and understanding is at the heart of the K is for Kindness campaign.

In the children’s space, we often talk about trends that downage, but perhaps this “kindness” theme can up-age.