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Children’s scratch and sniff stickers have aged up.

To stand out in the annual holiday ad barrage, marketers are tapping into the power of our olfactory sense (smelling).

While some marketers use scratch and sniff marketing as a way to tap into nostalgia, others see aromatic strategies as a way to balance the digital world with a “real world” connection.

Is there anything more real than watermelon and evergreen smelling labels?


Kid power

I’ve rarely been interested in car commercials, but recent advertisements have caught my attention.

I’ve been amused and entertained by the various attempts of car makers who are obviously trying to reach parents through their children.

Of course, these ad execs are tapping into a fact of life: more than 90% of parents admit their children influence daily household purchasing. That’s true kid power.

Linking to wish lists

Did your child forward a holiday wish list to your phone?

Sending links to coveted Christmas gifts is coming naturally to the current generation of digi-kids. And marketers are responding.

Holiday ad budgets are being spent on Snapchat, YouTube Kids and other mobile apps targeted to kids. Many of the ads are personalized with customized messages.

The shift to digital ads makes sense: nearly half of 10-12 year olds have their own smartphones.


If that heading is unfamiliar, check out the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Haptic, which is the science of touch, is just one of more than 800 words inserted in the new volume.

Foodies will love the tasty adds: zoodles, gochujang and guac,although I believe the most heavily used new word is instagramming.

Foodies go to school

The foodie trend has entered schools, as fashion-conscious students wear t-shirts that feature favorite foods.

Even fast food brands have become walking billboards! All that free publicity is welcomed by ad execs who watch the budget.

Playing catch up?

With the tsunami of back to school ads during recent weeks, did you note the “Christmas in July” promotions?

Marketers know that a significant percentage of moms begin holiday shopping in summer.

Catch any remaining deals on notebooks and school supplies: they make great stocking stuffers.

Baby friendly birthing

Whether a mom delivers in a hospital suite or birthing center, WiFi, gourmet food and in-suite tubs have moved onto the must-have list.

Healthcare facilities competing for business are finally learning that these expectations and amenities can dramatically impact customer satisfaction scores and online chatter.