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Toy-friendly films

Marketers can barely hold back their anticipation of the International Toy Fair held each year at this time in New York City.

The reason: an entertainment rich release schedule of kid friendly (ie. toy friendly) films.

This means parents will have another year of kid begging for licensed toys. Hint: prepare for a deluge of superheroes.


Ads with personality

Have you noticed subtle shifts in advertising to moms?

There are more personal story lines and fewer “perfect image” kids and families. Realness is everywhere – even 30 second clips show a variety of emotions.

It will be interesting to see if these shifts are noticeable in Super Bowl ads.


We’ve moved into the second-biggest retail season of the year: back to school. (BTS)

The two key factors in purchase decisions are students’ desire to look “cool” and discounts.

What started last year has really geared up now: location-based messages so deals pop up when you’re in the store – sometimes in a specific section of the store – in real-time.

Saving money is a big deal considering the average household spends more than $600 on back to school. But don’t let dad shop: he’ll spend 37% more than mom.

CVS land grab

Have your kids missed the candy, yet?

Your CVS might be one of the locations that is substituting healthier food options for candy near the check-out counter.

The move is part of a bigger focus on wellness products, as the chain tries to position itself as a health retailer.

Several years ago, the CVS move to remove tobacco products earned them goodwill. Will repositioning the sweet stuff have a similar impact?

A beary good birthday

Build-A-Bear Workshop is recognizing 20 years in business with a 16 inch Celebration Bear. The special bear has a birthday logo on its paw pad and poseable arms and legs.

Look for in-store parties next Saturday and the twentieth of each month until the “official” birthday Oct 27.

MLB Diapers

You read the title correctly: Major League Baseball has team- branded diapers.

Infants and toddlers can now showcase their baseball fandom for the Red Sox, Cubs, Cards, Yankees, Dodgers and Giants.

Now exclusively available at Target, the fashion-forward diapers will have wider distribution after May 1.


Unbranding is everywhere.

Have you noticed that even children’s clothing ads are becoming less branded? Sometimes, it’s even hard to figure out what an ad is trying to sell!

I think the spontaneity in advertising goes overboard, though, when I can’t find a product among the sketchbook doodles of a five-year old.