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Bundled up for school

Look for new opportunities to buy discounted uniforms as back-to-school sales roll out in the next few weeks.

Last year, a couple of grocery store chains bundled polo shirts, sweatshirts and shorts or skirts, then tagged them with bargain prices.

Although many parents prefer to purchase items individually, you can’t beat the lower cost or convenience of the bundles.



Swimsuit season is a good time to judge whether or not the Dove campaign has made a healthy shift in our cultural definition of physical attractiveness.

The commercials, which launched years ago, focused on “real beauty.” Since then, females with “real bodies” have appeared more regularly in advertisements from many companies.

But has the definition of physical attractiveness become so inclusive that girls who are growing up today feel comfortable at the pool this summer?

Or is the authenticity message still not “real” enough?

Stick ’em

Kids plow through the “sticker” years fairly quickly, but preschoolers aren’t the only ones plastering stickers all over.

Have you seen how companies are offering stickers to personalize products? Stickers certainly offer a quick, colorful and inexpensive approach to customization.

Triple Force Friday

If Disney is your thing, mark the date and time now: Friday, October 4. At 12:01am, Fans of Frozen 2 and Star Wars will celebrate with massive midnight product launches.

This global, simultaneous rollout for two major brands, is said to be a first for Disney. Products will include books, toys, collectibles, apparel, housewares and more, just in the time for holiday shopping.

How thoughtful!


Children’s scratch and sniff stickers have aged up.

To stand out in the annual holiday ad barrage, marketers are tapping into the power of our olfactory sense (smelling).

While some marketers use scratch and sniff marketing as a way to tap into nostalgia, others see aromatic strategies as a way to balance the digital world with a “real world” connection.

Is there anything more real than watermelon and evergreen smelling labels?

Kid power

I’ve rarely been interested in car commercials, but recent advertisements have caught my attention.

I’ve been amused and entertained by the various attempts of car makers who are obviously trying to reach parents through their children.

Of course, these ad execs are tapping into a fact of life: more than 90% of parents admit their children influence daily household purchasing. That’s true kid power.

Linking to wish lists

Did your child forward a holiday wish list to your phone?

Sending links to coveted Christmas gifts is coming naturally to the current generation of digi-kids. And marketers are responding.

Holiday ad budgets are being spent on Snapchat, YouTube Kids and other mobile apps targeted to kids. Many of the ads are personalized with customized messages.

The shift to digital ads makes sense: nearly half of 10-12 year olds have their own smartphones.