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If that heading is unfamiliar, check out the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Haptic, which is the science of touch, is just one of more than 800 words inserted in the new volume.

Foodies will love the tasty adds: zoodles, gochujang and guac,although I believe the most heavily used new word is instagramming.


Foodies go to school

The foodie trend has entered schools, as fashion-conscious students wear t-shirts that feature favorite foods.

Even fast food brands have become walking billboards! All that free publicity is welcomed by ad execs who watch the budget.

Playing catch up?

With the tsunami of back to school ads during recent weeks, did you note the “Christmas in July” promotions?

Marketers know that a significant percentage of moms begin holiday shopping in summer.

Catch any remaining deals on notebooks and school supplies: they make great stocking stuffers.

Baby friendly birthing

Whether a mom delivers in a hospital suite or birthing center, WiFi, gourmet food and in-suite tubs have moved onto the must-have list.

Healthcare facilities competing for business are finally learning that these expectations and amenities can dramatically impact customer satisfaction scores and online chatter.

Body image season

Swimsuits appear the minute Easter baskets exit store shelves.

This means we’re entering high season for mom alerts to body image, especially among tween girls.

During the last several summers, moms have expressed increasing concern about the overly sexual, inappropriate messages on clothing and in ads.

Some brands have responded by highlighting healthy self-image and moving away from stereotyped body shapes. During the next couple weeks, we’ll see how many companies chose to help girls value and appreciate their bodies.

Simple or not so simple?

Our oldest grandson has caught the “less is more” mentality.

His room now has an edited look: very few dust-collecting participation trophies and ribbons.

But we’ll see if Minimalist Fever includes Easter. There’s nothing simple or uncluttered about holiday decorations in our neighborhood: bunnies hopping and chicks chirping everywhere!

Toy-friendly films

Marketers can barely hold back their anticipation of the International Toy Fair held each year at this time in New York City.

The reason: an entertainment rich release schedule of kid friendly (ie. toy friendly) films.

This means parents will have another year of kid begging for licensed toys. Hint: prepare for a deluge of superheroes.