Meat-free kids?

Cheesy roll-ups and cheese quesadillas have been long-time, kid-friendly Taco Bell menu items, but now vegetarian and vegans (parents and kids!) have more options.

Check out the Veggie Power Menu Burrito or tostadas.  School food service leaders might want to sample a few, too, to consider as possible menu items.  Just hinting…


A start for sustainability

I was pleased to see our seven-year old grandson carefully go through a rack of clothes at a resale store. His focus is targeted: Nike. Often, he’s successful.

At the other end of the thrifting continuum, his mom (our daughter) regularly donates clothes, toys and household goods to this resale shop.

Although sustainability is a mega-trend, the thrifting aspect is rarely highlighted. And yet making sure the recycling wheel goes round is an easy way families can practice sustainability at home.

Foodies grow up

I’m thrilled that our twelve-year-old grandson has a life skills class that includes cooking.

Josh has always liked to help his mom in the kitchen, and except for melting a cooking utensil in the microwave (whoops!) he’s enjoyed success.

Kids, who are spending their formative years as Junior Chefs and watching You Tube cooking demonstrations, are already tuned into making wise food choices. They know how to read labels and look for ingredients they can pronounce. They tend to be brand agnostic.

Kids also love tech. That fact alone could dramatically change the culture of grocery shopping, as today’s children begin to make more buying decisions. Food delivery by drone, anyone?

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

Tomorrow is worth celebrating!  February 1 has been designated as World Read Aloud Day.

Research shows that reading aloud to children peaks at age five, then falls dramatically once a child learns to read independently.  But the message of tomorrow is “Don’t stop now!”

Frequent reading-aloud puts a child on the path to becoming a lifelong (and frequent) reader.  Plus, listening to a parent read to them is one of the most cherished memories for many adults, perhaps even you!

You don’t need to wait until tomorrow to read aloud to a child.

The wellness halo expands

Going to the doctor has often been a dreaded part of growing up, but it will be interesting to see if that continues to pop up on lists of children’s fears, now that health care has moved into the corner drugstore.

Although retail health clinics aren’t new,  the shift of medical services into retail space has accelerated.

Will kids still fear going to the doc if shopping for toys is just an aisle away?


Fight that phone!

Parents looking for good models of healthy phone use for their kids need only look as far as NBA teams.

Some teams require players to mentally declutter by putting away phones when eating together as a group. Appreciative parents welcome support for helping their kids manage phone use time from any source!

Hop in!

The next generation of moms is coming.

Although marketers are still talking about – and targeting – Millennial Moms, Gen Z moms are starting to appear.

During the recent holidays, as I watched parents attempt to grab huge, heavy car seats from airport luggage carousels, it was obvious the next generation will not tolerate the same level of inconvenience. Rental companies that expand their inventory of kid-ready vehicles will have a head start in serving Gen Z parents.